Since 2005 Evergreen entity formations, as a co-founder, Colleen Gottlieb has served as the sole Trustee of the Gottlieb 2005 Family Trust which is the sole Member of the Gottlieb Family GP I LLC. In that capacity, Colleen has overseen all Evergreen and Gottlieb Family affiliate entity Managers. Since 2005, Evergreen Housing Development Group and affiliates have developed a sold, owned and pipeline portfolio of 3,200 multifamily units valued over $585 million. Prior to her role at Evergreen, Colleen served as the National Sales Manager for International Paper Coated Papers Division, managing $300 million of US annual sales and marketing. In 1990 Collen received a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Management from California State University Fullerton.

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Colleen Gottlieb

Co-Founder and CEO