After more than 25 years in real estate sales, marketing and development in the Pacific Northwest, Sam and Colleen Gottlieb launched Evergreen Housing Development Group in 2005. Their original vision to build much-needed housing in underdeveloped areas continues, along with a commitment to thoughtfully designed and expertly curated communities that support residents well-being. Though Sam passed away in October 2020, his legacy endures to this day.

Evergreen’s Founding Principles
  • Our passion for what and how we build is evident in our thoughtful design process and high-quality homes. We build residences that people love and are proud to live in. The lifestyle we provide offers residents freedom to live the life they've always wanted.
  • We build with purpose and are focused on long-term vision of ownership of the communities we develop.
  • We uphold the ideal of true partnership and maintain long-term collaborations with our business partners.
  • Our developments enhance and benefit communities, fostering an authentic spirit of neighborhood and connection.
  • Our practices are deeply rooted in honesty, fairness, and integrity.